Muse Policies

Cancellation Policy:

If there are no students signed up the night before a class is scheduled, then the class will be cancelled.
Because of this, you must sign up for your class 24 hours in advance.

If you need to cancel your registration for a class you must do so 24 hours prior to the start of the class or workshop or the charge will not be refundable. We are very strict about this policy and no exceptions will be made (including illness and weather) as it affects scheduling and payroll.

All Class Cards, Open Workouts, Rental Deposits and Workshops are Non-Transferrable and Non-Refundable.

Expiration of Class Packs:
All purchases expire after 3 months if they have not been used.
20 Class Packs last for 5 months, but the first use must be within 3 months of purchase.

Class Policies:

  • We request that you arrive to class 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Our late policy is 5 minutes. Between 5-10 minutes we reserve the right to give your spot to a waitlisted student and teachers reserve the right to deny students entry into a class without a refund.
    To ensure the safety of each student and to give adequate time for each body to warm up properly, if a student is more than 10 minutes late, they won’t be allowed to entry the class.

  • You must show up to class wearing appropriate attire. Close-fitting athletic attire is recommended. No loose or baggy clothing. See below for further details.

  • You must remove all jewelry for classes and none of your clothing may have zippers or anything that could easily catch on any of our apparatuses.

  • No food or beverages will be permitted in the class areas with the exception of bottled water. Please keep food and beverages contained with your personal belongings.

Dress Code:
Aerial Classes: Please wear moveable, tight-fitting clothing that covers the backs of your knees and your armpits. Be prepared to take off your shoes and socks.
Ground Classes: Please wear shorts, sweatpants, or leggings with a T-shirt or tank top - standard workout clothing is appropriate.

Membership Policy:
This $360 per month membership provides you with unlimited classes and open training for 3 consecutive months. The total cost over the course of 3 months will be $1,050. Your card will be charged each month.
The membership is Non-Transferrable and Non-Refundable.
The billing cycle will begin the day of the purchase. Please purchase this membership on the day of the first class or open training you want to attend to make the most of your unlimited 3 months.

You must sign up for the classes you want to take 24 hours in advance.
**There will be a $15 penalty for late cancellation or no-shows**

Unlimited open workout may be restricted due to space rentals or shows. Restriction notices can be found on our website or on The Muse Circus Community Facebook page and other social media.
**Please note if you are less than 6 months into your aerial training, we do not recommend attempted use of open workout, nor can we guarantee that you will be approved. Open workout is unsupervised and requires a level of control and safety awareness that will build over time with your training. If you're new to The Muse, you will need to be safety-approved for open workout by emailing a demo video, previous training and recommendation letter to the studio manager at

Transfer Policy:
Although The Muse Brooklyn in Bushwick and The Muse Gowanus are sister studios they are financially separate institutions and no transfers will be permitted between the two studios. If you've purchased a gift card or classes at either studio, you must use all purchases at the studio you've purchased through.

Photo Policy:
Digital photographs (portraits or action shots) are taken of many clients, students, audience members or performers at The Muse Brooklyn. By being in the space, you grant The Muse Brooklyn permission to use such pictures/images in public displays and media releases (e.g. website, Instagram, Facebook, posters, newsletters, programs, brochures and public broadcasting releases). The person shown in the photograph may request copies of their images at any time. By being in the space, you give permission to allow the news media to film and photograph student activities provided: 1) It is for news or The Muse Brooklyn promotional purposes; 2) The Muse Brooklyn's owner determines that the filming, etc., will not unduly interfere with or disturb classes or events, is safe, non-invasive, and appropriate; and 3) Individuals are not singled out for demonstrating, photography, or interview purposes against their wishes.

Waiver Policy:
All students, event participants, staff and others who make use of The Muse Brooklyn space will be required to sign an annual waiver upon their first visit. If it is your first visit to The Muse, please ensure that you allow yourself time to read and sign this waiver prior to a class or event.

Rental Policies:
In regards to Event/Studio/Equipment Rentals, please refer to your contract for details.

Privacy Policy:
When registering for a class, workshop or special event, you will be asked to provide us with an email address and phone number. We may use the contact information you have given to us to notify you about important changes to our schedule and special offers in regards to the studio. If you would rather not receive this or any other information, simply click on "unsubscribe from this list" from the link provided at the bottom of our weekly e-mail at any time. We will honor your request. If you cannot find the link, please email us at and request not to receive our weekly emails.
We collect payment information when you register and/or pay for services and products provided by the Company. Information collected online is used exclusively to make payment for the service or product specified and is not used or retained for any other purpose.

Discontinuing of Memberships or Class Purchases:
The Muse Brooklyn reserves the right to request that a student not return to the studio due to unsafe or inappropriate behavior as management sees fit.

Substance Policy:
The Muse Brooklyn does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs or alcohol in or around the studio during classes and workshops. If you are not sober when you show up to class, you will not be allowed to participate and no refund will be issued. Alcoholic beverages may be permitted in conjunction with special events but no one will be allowed to participate in aerial activites if they have consumed alcohol.

Storage and Loft Use:

  • Apparatuses or Bags must have luggage tags clearly marked with the name and contact number of the apparatus owner.
    If a client doesn't have a tag or storage package they cannot leave their apparatus in the space.

  • Storage Fees / Contracts will apply:
    $25 Monthly Auto Charge (may cancel anytime)
    $245 one-time yearly charge
    Courtesy storage for: Staff, Members and RTB Intensive Students

  • Any other storage inquiries and oversized apparatuses needs written approval from a manager.