Circus Arts Workshops





August 17, 2019
$20 early bird
$25 walk-ins

Ready to take your aerial or circus-act to the next level? Attendees with learn tools for movement and choreography that can help create transform your piece. Explore the movement of your act, and it’s transitions to help make your act truly unique. Receive one on one feedback about the composition, work on areas where you feel “stuck,” and discover new movement possibilities for building your piece.

This workshop will run with a minimum of 3 students, so save your spot in advance!

About the Instructor:

Elizabeth McGuire is a choreographer, performer and teaching-artist living in NewYork City. She is the Artistic Director, Co-Founder, and Resident Choreographer of ToUch Performance Art, a multi-media performing arts company specializing in immersive and unique production. She is also the Director of TPA's sister company, ToUch Events, dedicated to creating outstanding arts for events. Outside of ToUch, she has performed with artists such as Sidra Bell, Sinking Ship Productions, and BitterSuite: UK, at BAM. As a teacher, Elizabeth has taught at Manhattan School of Music, Columbia University, and the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University. BFA in Dance from the Boston Conservatory.






5 pm to 7pm OR 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Join Angela Kim for this 6 week contortion series!

This contortion training program will lead students to more extreme skills by first exploring various bridge variations, forearmstands, handstands, and an intro to chest stands. Learn how to properly get in and out of positions using strength and control.

Cost is $250 for all 6 classes - class occurs once a week.
Comes with 6 weeks of complimentary open workout for the duration of the workshop series.

Level: Novice-Intermediate.

About Angela:

Angela Kim is a former competitive figure skater and current aerial silks artist who most recently toured with Cirque du Soleil's Volta as a lead character. In addition to a lead character role, she performed in a four artist acrobatic number on 35 feet tall automated rotating ladders.

Angela is passionate about making sure both her youth and adult students learn strong fundamentals. She views it as essential to help emerging artists find their own vocabulary, unique movement quality, and believes it is the best way to open up possibilities for creativity. She is a certified pilates instructor and uses this experience to help her students learn to move efficiently and achieve their potential. Angela draws on 15 years of teaching experience as a figure skating coach, pilates instructor and an aerial specialist.




Monday September 9th, 2019,

Investment: $43

This workshop is for people who are passionate about improving their knowledge and body from within a flexibility practice. Leah will be teaching active and passive exercises with a focus on shoulders, hips, bridges, and splits. Through humor, practicality, and efficiency, Leah will take students through a variety of clever stretches, using techniques ranging from Russian, Mongolian, Chinese and Canadian styles of Contortion. Want to understand how to open your shoulders in a bridge? Centimeters away from a full split but you just can't figure out why? Breakthroughs will happen in Leah’s workshops. They always do.

Pre-Requisites: Comfort moving and stretching with ease. Experience in a movement art (Dance, Aerial, Circus, Acro,Yoga) is recommended

Open Level
This workshops needs a minimum of 3 students to run. Cancellation policy is 48h.

About the Instructor:
Leah is a professional contortionist, circus artist, and coach and staying in New York for August and September! All year long she tours the country teaching and performing contortion and partner acrobatics! She is known in the contortion community for her Instagram tutorials, and is always trying to find a clever and fun way to bring comedy into (sometimes painful) stretching.




September 14, Saturday


Investment: $75


This workshop is a technique lab for dynamic rope! Beginning with beats and small releases, this workshop will build smaller preparatory drills into bigger release skills and longer dynamic chains, with a focus on healthy shoulder engagement and alignment.

Pre-requisites: Ability to do 1 straight-arm inversion, and basic familiarity with climbing and wrapping.

This workshops needs a minimum of 2 students to run, so save your spot in advance!

About the Instructor:

Leah Brooke is an aerialist from Oregon who is currently based in Barcelona. Before circus took over her life, she was a tribal fusion bellydancer, burlesque performer, and cabaret show producer in Seattle. In 2011 she moved to New York City, where she worked with Constellation Movement Company, Westchester Circus Arts, Circus Warehouse, House of Yes, and many more. Today, she’s embraced the artist-nomad life. She performs primarily on rope, silks, and trapeze.